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HL Company Held a Special Meeting on Safety Production

  In order to firmly establish the concept of "Two First", on September 8th a.m, HL held a special meeting on safety production. Deputy general manager Zheng Wenkui, general manager assistant Zhang Wenquan, the major leaders of four plants, administrative offices, energy management center, equipment department, legal and environmental protection department, distribution center, material sourcing center, material management center, as well as the related personnel from domestic and foreign sales department attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zheng Wenkui.
  At the meeting, Mr. Zheng Wenkui led the participants to focus on studying and watching the special warning film and understood the ideological concepts and spiritual connotation of president Xi Jinping's important expositions on work safety. Afterwards, Mr. Zheng conveyed the spirit of safety production meeting of Tianshui City. He hoped that the heads of all departments should improve the safety thinking and understanding, keep the safety bottom line, strengthen on-site management, and check the safety risks to eliminate potential safety hazards and avoid the unsafe behavior of people and unsafe conditions of objects.
  Wang Chenming of the Legal and Environmental Protection Department formulated the rectification requirements for both safety production and the problems existing in company's environmental and occupational health and safety management system and made detailed arrangements.
  Finally, Zhang Wenquan made arrangements for the epidemic prevention work on the holidays, the fire safety emergency plan of each unit, and the storage of dangerous goods.

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