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The Reward Activities for the 6S on-site Management

  Since HL company implemented lean management, the lean management and lean production work of all units have been continuously promoted. In order to let the lean concept gradually deeply rooted, the person in charge of the lean management module, and other related departments organized the internal on-site inspection and review. This review mainly focuses on the on-site inspection and review of the production site environment of each branch's production line, team land acquisition and construction, on-site fixed management, sanitary area, and visual identification. Group 1 of super-grinding line in Plant 3 won the first place in this internal audit.
  On September 8th, deputy general manager Zheng Wenkui,  commended and rewarded the winner. On behalf of the company, he encouraged all team members to continue to improve the level of lean management and production, make persistent efforts to lay a solid foundation for the company's high-quality development. At the same time, he called on all production lines of each branch to learn from the model team, strive to improve the overall level of lean management, and promote the continuous implementation of lean projects in the company.

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